Computer time

This is an interesting issue and I’m sure many parents have to figure out how to deal with it.  [amazon_link id=”B007CKQMPI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Computer[/amazon_link] access for your kids. How much is too much? There are so many differing points of view. 


Recently I got an email from amazon about trading in old CDs and DVDs. I thought it was interesting but didn’t give it another thought. Within 10 minutes I get another email from the king, let’s do this cd trade in thing! We looked into the process and all of a sudden found ourselves knee deep in a cd frenzy! …

It’s Good to be King

Only The King could have a 45 minute bath, then need a shower to wash the bath off. He does this regularly. He just suggested he needs a steam shower now to wash the shower off. I have endless patience. Can you tell?

Everybody’s working.

After all those long posts I thought I’d share some light relief!!! This is where the King spends his days and dreams of ways to monetize his family……. He has the kids’ videos on youtube doing the job and me blogging……now if he could just monetize the dog 🙂