Camping? The Beach? I don’t think so

We are not a camping family. We like our creature comforts, we’re never far from internet and enormous televisions. The kids just love to go to 5 star hotels. Since Grand Master D was little he was always the room checker, we’d let him go in first to see if it was acceptable. Now I know what you’re thinking.. we were training a hotel snob but it was very cute when he was 2. Now both Miss Gremlin and Grand Master D check out the rooms and bounce on the beds, just to make sure 🙂 Is that wrong? Nah it’s expected and what you pay those crazy prices for.

We recently went on a trip to Atlantic City with the family. It was spring break and we needed some time out of New York. We went during the week because the rates were cheaper for the same $300 a night room. We don’t gamble, so it really works for us because the gamblers subsidize our stay. We enjoyed mini golf, go carts and paintball shooting.

The King has trouble with laying on the beach. He’s really not an outdoors kinda guy. No camping, no beach etc. He’s not afraid of working in the yard at all but for his leisure time he doesn’t want to be on a sandy, windy, sticky beach. Unless of course there’s bikini girls but that’s another story 🙂 However we might have found the perfect beach. We went wandering in the pier shopping centre and upstairs in the restaurant section found this little gem. Now just outside the windows to the right is the real thing but this is air conditioned and close to a bar and there’s no flies or noisy kids running around kicking balls and sand in your face. It’s the best of both worlds. And of course as you all know I never use it…. no sunscreen required!



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