Bureaucracy at its Finest-A Tale of License Woes

Getting a driving license can be a pain in the ass. Here’s a story I wrote for Live Work Travel USA. Go and check it out along with some other fun stories of ridiculous red tape.

Arriving in the USA in 2005 made for interesting times. We were in the throws of starting a new business with partners who decided to rip us off, we’ve since fought a court battle and won, but that wasn’t a very nice start. After the rocky start in Indianapolis we headed East to New York, where we had an apartment we purchased as an investment. It wasn’t finished yet and we were having difficulty getting a mortgage. We were stuck in the new laws of the Patriots act of having to prove where every cent came from as well as being foreigners without credit scores. It was a tough time. Brought us to our knees in prayer for the first time.

During the process of getting credit and a mortgage, we needed to obtain drivers licenses. Not for the driving aspect but more for the identification box needed checking. You know America is ALL about checking the box. So while we were waiting to close on our Manhattan apartment we were holed up in a century old stone cottage by a lake in Connecticut. As luck would have it, that make things a little easier. We sought information on obtaining licenses and discovered that we would be required to take a written AND practical test, however we wouldn’t be required to do any classes. The closest DMV to our little cottage had no openings for months and as we needed the licenses quickly, we found a larger center with earlier appointments, unfortunately it was 100 miles away…….

To read the rest, follow the link below.

Getting a Driver’s License Again…. Live Work Travel

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