A Little Love From Friends Will Get You Through

You know when you feel so helpless in a situation that all you can do is try to make someone feel better? This happened last week, my friend’s sister was dying,  her body was failing in the hospital, in another state. She was panicking, waiting without news. I was even further away! I just wanted to be there, just to be supportive, make coffees and chat, distract, wipe tears, do whatever I could to be helpful. Sadly I could do nothing.

So I did the next best thing. I made a little package. I didn’t spend any money. The things in it weren’t of any value but they were sent with love and support and I hoped it would brighten her day. A pipe cleaner bent into a heart, a purple feather, and a hand embroidered handkerchief. With a little note explaining….

I filled the envelope, posted it and promptly forgot.

Well it arrived today… and it’s purpose was fulfilled.

I don’t have a magic wand, I can’t fix all her sister’s problems. She’s ok for now but has a very long road to recovery and it’s complicated.

But  I made my friend feel better, she knows someone cares. She’s not alone in her struggle even though we’re separated by distance. Sometimes it’s the little things, and the thought behind it that gets you through the hard times…

And sometimes that’s enough.

just send love


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  1. Anything I’ll say will sound like a cliche, but it’s really the thought that counts, just knowing that someone is feeling your pain and went and did something with the sole purpose of making you feel better is of great value at a time like that. You’re a great friend!

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  2. This is why I love you, Molley. And your friend, I love her bunches, too. <3

    Were I rich I could buy lots of land somewhere pretty and build us all houses there and we could live in a blogger/writer commune. We'd have a booze store on the lot, pizza, a chocolate store . . . And each other. Every day.

    Kids running around and playing together.

    Oh, to dream yeah?

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  3. It’s absolutely true that the best gift in the world is support and love from friends/family. It’s been a trying and difficult year for my family, and in less than two weeks it will be one year since our baby girl was stillborn, 17 days after her due date. I don’t know that I would have survived the last year without the support of those who love me. It means the world.

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      Oh, I am so very sorry for your loss. I cannot begin to imagine your pain.
      When life hands us difficult times it’s always those who feel empathy and know you just need love and support that you appreciate the most. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  4. Those small things really are the best things. My husband has a chronic illness that lands us in the hospital for a week at a time several times a year. It’s exhausting and scary and small things get me through. A friend showing up with a coffee. A friend ordering lunch from a nearby deli NOT in the hospital and having it delivered- because she was many states and miles away.

    I know that what you did mattered.

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