A Family Affair

This weekend saw us travel to Sydney to honour my Aunt and Uncle who have been married for 50 years. It’s quite an achievement to stay together for such a long time and it’s fitting to honour it in a special way.

The scene was set with a photo of the bride and groom. As guest arrived they were greeted by the happy couple 50 years on. The bridesmaid, best man and paige boy were all in attendance. It was a really lovely evening. The kids all ran around and drank too much soda, exactly what you would expect at a wedding or anniversary party.

The adult guests were treated to a slide show of a life together and many happy memories on the slide projector. The kids could really care less but in the back of their minds this event will remain to be recalled at a later time.
Even if they don’t really understand the significance now it will come later and hopefully will serve as something to strive for in the future.

A more fitting celebration you couldn’t get.

Letters of congratulations from the Prime Minister, Opposition leader and other officials were a highlight. Unfortunately the Queen doesn’t send anything until you’ve been married for 60 years. Ten more years of wedded bliss required for that honour 🙂

What a worthwhile celebration and a testament to a life of striving to stay together. It’s a rare event in these days of $200, no fault divorces and one with which we should give much congratulations and praise to.

Moments like this don’t come along all that often and it was lovely to be able to coordinate our trip to attend.

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